Custom Rain Barrels

We manufacture rain barrels by repurposing food-grade plastic drums. The original contents are usually either imported olives, pepperoncini or capers. We select used barrels that are in good shape, however most show some wear and tear. The barrels are usually terracotta brown or black and can vary slightly in design.

Most barrels are marked as 220 liters, which equates to approximately 58 gallons. We can get smaller barrels by request.

We wash and scrub the barrels with Simple Green cleanser and remove all labels and markings. The cleanser helps to reduce any odor and removes oils from the previous contents.

Our standard barrel comes complete with a faucet about 18” from the bottom and an overflow drain (which can be used to link barrels together). Our standard faucet is a plastic tank drain, threaded for a garden hose, but it can be replaced with brass or other faucet types. The lid of the barrel is drilled with a matrix of holes to allow rainwater to flow in. Under the lid is a screen mesh to prevent mosquitos and foreign objects entering the barrels.

We can customize the location of your faucet – some customers plan to set their barrel on a stand and request the faucet be lower on the barrel. We use special fittings that are removable, we don’t use adhesives.

Our rain barrels are $95 and are available at Bona Fide Green Goods on South Main Street in Concord, New Hampshire or for local delivery in the Concord and Mondanock region, by arrangement.

If you have any other special requests, please just drop us an email and we will do our best to help you.

We partnered with the Cornucopia Project of Peterborough, NH to provide rain barrels to eight Elementary Schools in the Conval School District. Visit for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship? We currently do not ship, but this might change if we can find an affordable carrier.

Where can I put my barrel? Our lid allows you to put the barrel under a roof without a gutter to collect run off or you can cut into a downspout and have it flow straight in.

Can I paint the barrels? Yes - see details below.

  1. All rain barrels are shipped with a few layers of UV protection. Thoroughly clean the exterior surface of the barrel by wiping away excess dirt and grime with a clean rag soaked in a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water. Some individuals claim that generic window surface cleaner works also.
  2. Use a fine- to medium-grade sandpaper (220 grit or finer) to lightly rough up the surface which will help the paint adhere to the plastic barrel. Be sure to use sand paper that does not leave scratches.
  3. Wipe the barrel again with a dry cloth to get rid of any fine plastic shavings. Cover the spigot and overflow valve with masking tape and complete all of your painting in a well-ventilated area.
  4. The barrel must be primed so that the paint adheres properly to the surface. Krylon Fusion spray paint or RustOleum Spray Paint for Plastic both make a spray primer that are great for a base coat (primer). Allow the primer to dry according to the directions on the container. Flat or semi-gloss acrylic paint, Krylon Fusion and RustOleam products can usually be found in local hardware and craft stores.
  5. The barrel can be painted any way you like with ordinary flat or semi-gloss acrylic paint (spray or liquid). The design is completely up to you. Some people use stencils, a pattern, or freehand with a brush. You can also finger paint the barrel.
    a. For those of you only interested in painting the barrel a solid color, spray paint is perfect. You probably will be able to cover a rain barrel with one can of paint. These plastic barrels by nature need to be painted at a slower rate than most surfaces because of the surface tension characteristics of the polymer, as well as the waxy surface features. Allow the primer to dry according to the directions on the container.
    b. If you are using spray paint, but you need to paint small details, spray some paint into a small cup, making a liquid puddle, then use a brush to apply the paint. Allow all the paint to dry completely.
  6. Apply at least two coats of flat or satin polyurethane spray to help protect the painted barrel. Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Glaze or other polyurethane sprays or brush-on products can be used as long as they are plastic appropriate. Be sure to allow the polyurethane to dry between coats.